Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here we are, Christmas Eve! I dreamt of being thin and I woke up to ME. And though I AM a confident person I can't help but think about how confident I will be once I lose this extra weight. I'm pretty tired of the excuses people make for me.... "well, you JUST had a baby." Um no I didn't, that was a year and a half ago. And I didn't gain much weight during my pregnancy because I was still eating wasn't until after that I "let myself go." How I used to judge people who did this! I was especially hard on women I would see stuffing themselves with McDonald's as I was driving past on the road; STOP! Why are you doing that? Little did I know that in 3 years that would be me... Judgment is swift AND easy when it lays at the feet of someone else.

I'm starting The Shred. Not because I think it is an amazing workout, but it is a commitment.

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